Thursday, March 23, 2017

Percy's New New Bed

Percy:  You might remember that last week Miss Pam knitted me a cat cave.  After two days, I was evicted by my nemesis Micah.   (Percy's Cat Cave, Part 2)   This week Miss Pam knitted me a new new bed. Thank you so much, Miss Pam! I thought you would like to know how much enjoyment I have had from it.

Micah:  I can't believe we have this new bed and Jan didn't even mention it when she stopped by my cat cave to pet me.  Good thing I caught a whiff of the new scent and followed it into the living room, just in time to get my picture taken on it.

Buddy: So how does it compare to the cat cave?

Micah:  It's a lighter weight and there's no cave, but it's a good size and very soft.  Excuse me a minute.  A cat should always take a bath when breaking in a new bed.

Buddy:  Then I'm glad I'm not a cat.  I just crash on the new bed and it breaks itself in.

Micah:  That's the difference between cats and dogs.  We have to follow etiquette.  Unless we aren't in the mood at the moment.

Buddy:  We follow etiquette too.  Especially if there's a garbage can or a mud puddle.

Micah:  This is the new bed.  Pretty colors.

Buddy:  Yes, blue for you guys and pink for Cyndi and Taylor. 

Rusty:  I didn't think Micah would every leave so I could have a turn.  It's already past my nap time.

Micah:  Hey, Rusty, you're in my new bed!

Rusty:  No, Micah, I'm in Percy's new bed.  You can have it back when I'm done with my nap.

Micah:  I don't believe this.  Rusty stole my new bed.  Guess I'll just sit here on my old cat cave and see what's going on in the neighborhood.

Percy:  That is what went on around here for three days.  I never got to set one paw on my new new bed.

Buddy:  Micah did get his comeuppance.  Sometime during the night he vomited on it and Jan had to wash it and hang it up to dry.  So no one got to sleep in your new new bed the past couple of days.

Percy:  You wait and see, when Jan tries to give it to me, Micah will find a way to reclaim it.  I'm trying to figure out how to donate one of the new beds to the church discount store up the road.

Buddy:  Why would you want to donate one of the beds Miss Pam so lovingly knitted for you?

Percy:  Because I'd donate it with Micah sleeping on it!

We always have much to be thankful for, so we are joining the Thankful Thursday blog hop at Brian's Home.  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Won Word Wednesday

Rusty:  Let me out!

Buddy:  You are out.  Do you want in?

Rusty:  No.  I just want to confuse Jan.

Buddy:  That's not hard.  You've confused me over the title of this post.  Shouldn't "won" be "one"?

Rusty:  No.  This is my post and I am in the mood to be different.  Besides, it's a play on words.

Buddy:  Okay, I'll let you play with your words and I'll just go poop in the pen.

Rusty:  That's it, poop in my post.  And my day was going so good before this.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Smooshed or Chunky #ChewyInfluencer

Cyndi:  Are you sure we're supposed to do our post with a St. Patrick's Day theme?

Rusty:  Yes, even though St. Paddy's Day was last Friday, the month isn't over so we can still celebrate.

Cyndi:  The dogs sure had fun with their Chewy post last week, but when we post this everyone is going to think we can't read a calendar any better than Jan does.

Micah: Forget the calendar and concentrate on this month's food tasting.

Taylor:  What are we trying?

Percy:  Taste of the Wild.  We have the grain free Rocky Mountain Feline Formula with salmon and roasted venison in gravy. 

Taylor:  That's a mouthful!  Glad I'm not doing the typing today. 

Micah:  This is what it looks like on a plate.  I thought about coloring it Irish green but that didn't seem too appealing.

Rusty:  Nice chunks.  The gravy looks thin because Jan always adds water to our wet food.

Cyndi:  Chewy lists the Key Benefits as --

  •     Grain-free diet with real salmon, chicken liver and roasted venison.
  •     Supplemented with vegetables and fruits, this formula delivers antioxidants to help give your furry friend a healthy lifestyle.
  •     A great-tasting complement to the Rocky Mountain Feline dry formula, or a stand-alone diet for your special cat.
  •     Perfect combination of animal proteins will provide your cat with ideal protein nutrition for a lean body and optimal amino acid nutrition.
  •     Lowers carbohydrate intake and increases water intake, both important features in feline nutrition.

Percy:  Hey, why do you have a sandwich and drink on your plate?  The rest of us don't.

Taylor:  A little green man popped a corned beef sandwich and a foamy glass of cold nip brew on my plate and vanished into thin air.  I've never had corned beef.

Rusty:  Neither have the rest of us. I hope you intend to share.

Micah:  A little green man left you a glass of green nip beer?  Jan will have a fit if she finds out any of us tasted beer.

Taylor:  Beer.  You wish.  I said the little green man left a foamy glass of cold nip brew.  Nip tea!

Cyndi:  I'll try a taste right after breakfast.  I did notice there is a complete list of ingredients on the Taste of the Wild page, but to name just a few, it has salmon, fish broth, chicken broth, chicken liver, chicken ...

Percy:  I don't like chunky food so I refused to eat until Jan smooshed it all up for me.  Every cat knows that smooshed food is the only way to eat.

Micah:  I disagree.  Chunks can be good too.


Rusty:  I drive Jan crazy.  Sometimes I want my food smooshed and sometimes I don't.  I keep her guessing.

Cyndi:  Who is that little man in green, Rusty? 

Rusty:  I don't know, but if he doesn't move, he just might be dessert this morning.

Percy:  Once the Taste of the Wild cat food was properly smooshed, I did eat some of it each time it was served, but I haven't finished my portions.  The other cats have enjoyed their breakfast and shared part of mine each day.  Now if you'll excuse me, it's bath time.

We were not compensated for this review, but we did receive the Taste of the Wild cat food free of charge from in exchange for our honest review.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Great Swampi Marcus 4

Marcus:  Hairy ohm to all.  I have returned -

Cyndi:  Stop right there!  Before you return, what's a hairy ohm?

Marcus:  That's Yam Aunty's greeting.   I just thought I'd borrow it today.

Cyndi:  And why would she be talking about a hairy unit of electrical resistance?

Marcus:  I have no idea, but everyone nods and smiles when she says it.

Cyndi:  Wait!  Wait!  I'm looking through her emails now.  It's not "hairy ohm".  It's "Hari om".

Marcus:  Oh, well, I was close.

Cyndi:  You weren't even close.

Marcus:  I am never wrong.  Except perhaps -  Never mind.  Frankie and Ernie asked me a very important question --  

"OH GRRRRREAAT Swampi... can you do anythingy to get this Horrid Snow Storm STELLA to stay FAR From our place? We are supposed to get 6 to 9 Inches of "IT" and we don't Want it." 

I have great news for you, Frankie and Ernie, I see that after only three long days of blowing snow and drifts, Stella will move on and will only leave you with about 7" of snow.  

Cyndi:  You call that good news?  Hold on!  You're cheating.  You got that information off of their mom's emails to Jan.

Marcus:  I said I see.  I didn't say where. And now to answer a question from our friend Loulou.

"Could you please tell me where you get those adorable turbans you wear...tres chic."

Of course.  This particular turban is one of a kind and was handmade in the magical land of stellaroselong. Despite comments about resembling a giraffe,
 when I first donned it, something magical happened.  I became The Great Swampi.

Cyndi:  I'm starting to wonder if Stella slipped a bottle of Wild Turkey in the box with it.

Marcus:  My newfound persona does not depend on intoxicants.  I possess a clear head, keen eyesight, and perfect hearing.

Cyndi:  I guess a sound mind is the only thing missing.

Marcus:  What did you say?

Cyndi:  Nothing important.